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  ACE Delivery 

The ACE Delivery module contains all necessary features to take delivery orders. It also handles all aspects of the delivery operation from the moment a client calls right through managing driver sending, receiving cash from driver(s) and closing daily sales.

Features of this module include:

  • Ordering system divided into normal and corporate orders. Corporate orders allow you to record individual orders for members of a corporate or group entity and issue several slips or invoices per major invoice. This feature in a way mimics the behavior of splitting checks in the restaurant system.
  • Client file is categorized into normal and corporate with the corporate client containing a tool to define member clients.
  • Multiple phone numbers per client and multiple addresses per client.
  • Multiple price levels per item allowing you to plan a pricing policy and attach a client to a pricing system.
  • Driver sending utility to define drivers available and orders sent by each driver
  • Payment modality system supporting cash, on account, not delivered and free of charge orders
  • Settlement system for closing on accounts
  • Full reporting system to track on accounts and settlements along with recaps for daily operations.
  • Order scheduling and calendar function.
  • Client history viewing from within the order allowing you to easily repeat previous orders taken by a client.



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