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  ACE F&B 

The ACE F&B module plugs into the ACE Back Office system and also provides a centralized inventory, warehousing and costing system for both raw material and finished products and menu items. Its list of features include:

  • Items classified by category, sub-category and brand.
  • Multi-unit support.
  • Full recipe system with ability to add overhead charges to final produced item.
  • Unit conversion system for defining conversion formulas.
  • Full item movement summary providing left warehouse quantities and last purchase details and prices at a click of a button.
  • Ability to transfer items from warehouse to warehouse.
  • Full control of production process including ability to produce items and transfer finished products to another warehouse for storage.
  • Ability to manually adjust inventory details at a click of a button.
  • Full menu costing report and ingredient history system allowing user to know the exact cost of an item and compare this cost with that of a previous recipe for the same item.
  • Full reporting system including:
    • Stock items listing
    • Left quantity report
    • Ingredient listing
    • Stock value report
    • Items by supplier report
    • Minimum quantity report
    • Expiry dates report
    • Stock in history
    • Stock out history
    • Stock destruction history
    • Stock movement and summary report
    • Production history (detailed and summary)
    • Adjustment history (detailed and summary)
    • Transfer history



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