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  ACE Restaurant 

The ACE Restaurant/Take Away module allows you to operate and manage a Fine Dine or a Fast Food outlet with ease and contains several interesting features and tools which cover virtually all aspects of the above mentioned operation from both an operator’s or waiter’s point of view and – off course – the management’s point of view.


Global Features

  • Full multi-user, multi-instance module
  • Support for an unlimited number of printers for routing kitchen printing and check printing
  • Local security settings to dictate certain local security policies such as the ability to disallow local check printing or even disallow local check closing.



  • Unlimited number of tables supported.
  • Floor sectioning an floor map support
  • Move check from a table to another.
  • Join a check with another check.
  • Split a check to anywhere from 2 to 99 different checks.
  • Item transfer from check to check.
  • Full level undo for closed or cancelled checks.
  • Colorable and multi-page items selection screen with up to 8 categories and 32 items per page of display.
  • User level discount and free items granting.
  • Kitchen print management and order succession management.
  • Kitchen returns tracking.
  • Payment system with support for cash, cheque and credit card along with a full cash register-like utility that aids operator in calculation amount of money to return to client.
  • Waiter tips tracking and reporting allowing management to know the value of tips granted per waiter.
  • Local manager reports
  • Table reservation function.


Take Away/Fast Food/Generic POS

This module shares a lot of common features with the Restaurant module such as

ordering screen, discounts, free items and payment methods. In addition to the above, the following features are supported:

  • Ability to hold up to 5 checks simultaneously
  • Take away system designed with speed and flexibility of order-taking in mind allowing user to quickly and efficiently handle fast food orders.



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