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ACE POS Suite is a managerial and operation application aimed the restaurant, take away and food delivery business. It contains all the tools needed for creating orders & checks, tracking clients and client history in addition to some versatile managerial reports.




ACE POS Suite comes in 6 modules:

  • ACE Restaurant for front end table dining and general purpose POS operations.
  • ACE Delivery for handling delivery and catering operations.
  • ACE Back Office for data integration and centralization.
  • ACE F&B for inventory management, costing an recipes.
  • ACE Export and Integration for providing a bridge between ACE POS on the front side and a third party financial or general purpose back office solution on the management side.



ACE Restaurant


The ACE Restaurant/Take Away module allows you to operate and manage a Fine Dine or a Fast Food outlet with ease and contains several interesting features and tools which cover virtually all aspects of the above mentioned operation from both an operator’s or waiter’s point of view and – off course – the management’s point of view.


Global Features

  • Full multi-user, multi-instance module
  • Support for an unlimited number of printers for routing kitchen printing and check printing
  • Local security settings to dictate certain local security policies such as the ability to disallow local check printing or even disallow local check closing.



  • Unlimited number of tables supported.
  • Floor sectioning an floor map support
  • Move check from a table to another.
  • Join a check with another check.
  • Split a check to anywhere from 2 to 99 different checks.
  • Item transfer from check to check.
  • Full level undo for closed or cancelled checks.
  • Colorable and multi-page items selection screen with up to 8 categories and 32 items per page of display.
  • User level discount and free items granting.
  • Kitchen print management and order succession management.
  • Kitchen returns tracking.
  • Payment system with support for cash, cheque and credit card along with a full cash register-like utility that aids operator in calculation amount of money to return to client.
  • Waiter tips tracking and reporting allowing management to know the value of tips granted per waiter.
  • Local manager reports
  • Table reservation function.


Take Away/Fast Food/Generic POS

This module shares a lot of common features with the Restaurant module such as

ordering screen, discounts, free items and payment methods. In addition to the above, the following features are supported:

  • Ability to hold up to 5 checks simultaneously
  • Take away system designed with speed and flexibility of order-taking in mind allowing user to quickly and efficiently handle fast food orders.


ACE Delivery


The ACE Delivery module contains all necessary features to take delivery orders. It also handles all aspects of the delivery operation from the moment a client calls right through managing driver sending, receiving cash from driver(s) and closing daily sales.

Features of this module include:

  • Ordering system divided into normal and corporate orders. Corporate orders allow you to record individual orders for members of a corporate or group entity and issue several slips or invoices per major invoice. This feature in a way mimics the behavior of splitting checks in the restaurant system.
  • Client file is categorized into normal and corporate with the corporate client containing a tool to define member clients.
  • Multiple phone numbers per client and multiple addresses per client.
  • Multiple price levels per item allowing you to plan a pricing policy and attach a client to a pricing system.
  • Driver sending utility to define drivers available and orders sent by each driver
  • Payment modality system supporting cash, on account, not delivered and free of charge orders
  • Settlement system for closing on accounts
  • Full reporting system to track on accounts and settlements along with recaps for daily operations.
  • Order scheduling and calendar function.
  • Client history viewing from within the order allowing you to easily repeat previous orders taken by a client.


ACE Back Office


The ACE Back Office module provides a centralized storage location for the POS modules and provides a common interface to manage and report on the operation at hand. Some of this module’s features are:

  • Centralized category and menu definition system.
  • Centralized operator and password definition system.
  • Full reporting on operation including daily, monthly and yearly recaps divided into financial and item-based reports.
  • Customized listing engine which returns a subset of sales based on specific criteria.
  • Customer care reports for delivery such as client history and client status reports.
  • Client ranking reports based on volume and number of transactions.
  • Full cash detail report.
  • Sales summary report which outputs summary of divisions, categories and days.
  • Sales statistics and ranking reports for items sold.
  • Driver statistics and reporting form no. of orders delivered.
  • Hourly statistics reporting on number of transactions and volume of transactions per hour period.
  • Monitoring reports for modifications, cancellations and voids providing full audit trail of transaction from creation to modification to closing including full details of waiter/operator modifications and even number of times a transaction has been printed.
  • Volume analysis and sales mix analysis reports.
  • Waiter and operator progress through incentive reports
  • Full export to Excel ® and PDF capability for reporting system




The ACE F&B module plugs into the ACE Back Office system and also provides a centralized inventory, warehousing and costing system for both raw material and finished products and menu items. Its list of features include:

  • Items classified by category, sub-category and brand.
  • Multi-unit support.
  • Full recipe system with ability to add overhead charges to final produced item.
  • Unit conversion system for defining conversion formulas.
  • Full item movement summary providing left warehouse quantities and last purchase details and prices at a click of a button.
  • Ability to transfer items from warehouse to warehouse.
  • Full control of production process including ability to produce items and transfer finished products to another warehouse for storage.
  • Ability to manually adjust inventory details at a click of a button.
  • Full menu costing report and ingredient history system allowing user to know the exact cost of an item and compare this cost with that of a previous recipe for the same item.
  • Full reporting system including:
    • Stock items listing
    • Left quantity report
    • Ingredient listing
    • Stock value report
    • Items by supplier report
    • Minimum quantity report
    • Expiry dates report
    • Stock in history
    • Stock out history
    • Stock destruction history
    • Stock movement and summary report
    • Production history (detailed and summary)
    • Adjustment history (detailed and summary)
    • Transfer history



ACE Export & Integration


The ACE Export & Integration module is a customizable set of utilities and tools that allow businesses to connect the ACE POS modules to third party back end financial applications such as Oracle® financials, Great Plains® and Navision® among others.

The customization process is performed on a client-by-client basis allowing businesses a unique customization procedure tailored to their individual needs.




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